Array normalization in a calendar in JavaScript

In the previous lessons, you had to make an array of numbers from 1 to the last day of the month:

let arr = range(getLastDay(year, month));

Also you have the number of the day of the week for the first day of the month and for the last:

let firstWeekDay = getFirstWeekDay(year, month); let lastWeekDay = getLastWeekDay(year, month);

Let's now supplement our array with empty strings on the right and left. Let for this we have the normalize function, as the first parameter accepting an array, as the second - how many empty strings to add on the left, and the third - how many empty strings on the right:

function normalize(arr, left, right) { }

I remind you that on the left we must add firstWeekDay empty elements, and on the right - 6 minus lastWeekDay elements. That is, we will use our normalize function like this:

let res = normalize(arr, firstWeekDay, 6 - lastWeekDay); console.log(res);

Implement the described normalize function and check its operation.