Running a code using the test server in JavaScript

In a folder with the server, find the server.js file. In this file, you can write JavaScript that will be executed on the server.

This file contains an object with routes, the keys of which are addresses, and the values are functions that will be executed when visiting the corresponding pages with the browser.

Let's look at an example. Place the following code in this file:

export default { '/test/': function() { return 'hello world'; } }

After that, stop the server by pressing the Ctrl + C keyboard shortcut in the console. Then restart it with the command:

node index.js

You can now access via browser at http://localhost:3001/test/. As a result, our function will be executed and the text that it returns with return will be sent to the browser.

We can place any JavaScript code in this function. For example, let's write the following:

export default { '/test/': function() { let num1 = 1; let num2 = 2; return num1 + num2; } }

Make the /page1/, /page2/, /page3/ address handlers. Call them using your browser.