Submitting forms using the GET method in JavaScript

Let's implement a form submission using the GET method with an example. Let's say we have a form and numbers are entered into its inputs:

<form action="/handler/" method="GET"> <input name="num1"> <input name="num2"> <input type="submit"> </form>

Let a server find the sum of received numbers and send the result back to the browser. First, we get the sent numbers:

export default { '/handler/': function({get}) { console.log(get.num1); console.log(get.num2); return 'form data received'; } }

Now let's find their sum and send it back to the browser:

export default { '/handler/': function({get}) { return Number(get.num1) + Number(get.num2); } }

Make a form with five inputs into which numbers are entered. Let a server calculate the arithmetic mean of the passed numbers and send the result back to the browser.

Ask user for first name and last name. Submit the data to a server. Let the server return a success message as a response.

Ask user for a date in the year-month-day format. Submit the date to a server. Let the server check if the date format is correct. If the date is correct, let it return a success message, and if incorrect, a failure message.