Multidimensional structures in JavaScript

You can combine multidimensional arrays and objects to create different structures. Let's, for example, make an object containing arrays inside:

let days = { 'de': ['mo', 'di', 'mi', 'do', 'fr', 'sa', 'so'], 'en': ['mo', 'tu', 'we', 'th', 'fr', 'sa', 'su'], };

Output some elements from this object:

console.log(days['de'][0]); // shows 'mo' console.log(days['en'][2]); // shows 'we'

Given the following object with students:

let students = { 'group1': ['name11', 'name12', 'name13'], 'group2': ['name21', 'name22', 'name23'], 'group3': ['name31', 'name32', 'name33'], };

Display the first student from the third group.