while loop in JavaScript

The while loop will run as long as an expression passed to it as a parameter is true. It allows you to perform an arbitrary number of iterations. Here is its syntax:

while ( while the expression is true ) { executes this code cyclically; at the beginning of each loop, we check the expression in parentheses }

The loop will end when the expression is no longer true. If it was false initially, then it will never be executed.

Let's use the while loop to sequentially display numbers from one to five as an example:

let i = 1; while (i <= 5) { console.log(i); i++; }

And now we will divide the given number by 2 as many times until the result becomes less than 10:

let num = 500; while (num > 10) { num = num / 2; } console.log(num); // the result

Print the numbers from 1 to 100 to the console.

Print the numbers from 11 to 33 to the console.

Given the number num with some initial value. Multiply it by 3 as many times until the result of the multiplication is greater than 1000. What number will come out? Count the number of iterations required for this.