Search for elements inside another element in JavaScript

Suppose we have some parent element, and other elements inside it:

<div id="parent"> <div class="child">text</div> <div class="child">text</div> <div class="child">text</div> </div>

Let the reference to the parent has already been derived into a variable:

let parent = document.querySelector('#parent');

In this case, if necessary, we can search for the selector within that parent, rather than the entire document. To do this, the search method must be applied not to document, but to a variable containing our parent.

For example, let's find elements with the child class inside our parent:

let elems = parent.querySelectorAll('.child');

Given the element #parent:

<div id="parent"> <p class="www">text</p> <p class="www">text</p> <p class="www">text</p> <p class="ggg">text</p> <p class="ggg">text</p> <p class="ggg">text</p> </div> let parent = document.querySelector('#parent');

Find elements with the class www inside the parent and store them in the variable elems1. Then find elements with the class ggg inside the parent and store them in the variable elems2.