input event in JavaScript

The next event that we will study is called input. It occurs every time a new character is entered into the input or textarea. Let's look at an example. Let us have an input:

<input id="elem">

Let's display the current contents of the input to the console every time the button is pressed on the keyboard:

let elem = document.querySelector('#elem'); elem.addEventListener('input', function() { console.log(this.value); });

Given an input. Let text be entered into it. As soon as the length of the text reaches 5, display a message about it on the screen.

Given an input. Let it be allowed to enter 5 characters into it. There is also a paragraph. As you enter characters into the input, write how many more characters can be entered. When the number of characters exceeds 5, then output in the paragraph how many characters the length of the text is exceeded.