Remaining part of an array when destructuring in JavaScript

If the array has more elements than variables, if necessary, extra elements can be written to the array using the rest operator:

let arr = [2025, 12, 31, 23, 59, 59]; let [year, month, day, ...time] = arr; console.log(year); // shows 2025 console.log(month); // shows 12 console.log(day); // shows 31 console.log(time); // shows [23, 59, 59]

In the following code, parts of the array are written to the corresponding variables:

let arr = ['John', 'Smit', 'development', 'programmer', 2000]; let name = arr[0]; let surname = arr[1]; let info = arr.slice(2); // all elements from the second to the end of the array

Rework this code through destructuring according to the learned theory.