Context with passing parameter in JavaScript

There is another solution to the problem. Let's make the function child take a parameter:

function child(param) { // here will be a code }

And when calling this function, we will pass this into it:

function parent() { child(this); // pass the this as parameter function child(param) { // the param variable contains the passed content of this } }

Since the call to child is carried out in the parent function, the passed this points out what we needed. Then the this gets into the param parameter and will be available inside the function in this form.

Here is the final code:

let elem = document.querySelector('#elem'); elem.addEventListener('blur', parent); function parent() { child(this); // passes the this as parameter function child(param) { console.log(param.value); // prints the value of the input } }

Take the code from the previous task and fix the code problem using the second method you learned.