Binding a context via the apply method in JavaScript

Let's now look at the apply method for context binding. It works in much the same way as the call method. The difference is that in apply, the parameters are passed as an array, rather than listed with a comma. Depending on the task, one or the other method is convenient.

Here is an example of passing parameters to the apply method:

func.apply(elem, [param1, param2]);

Let the following code be given:

<input id="elem" value="hello"> let elem = document.querySelector('#elem'); function func(surname, name) { console.log(this.value + ', ' + surname + ' ' + name); } func(); // should output here 'hello, John Smit'

Add the apply method to the last line so that 'hello, John Smit' is displayed. The word 'hello' must come from the value input, 'John' and 'Smit' must be function parameters.