confirm function in JavaScript

The confirm function calls up a window with a question that the user needs to answer and two buttons for answering: with the 'OK' button and with the 'Cancel'⁅/s button ⁆. If the user presses 'OK', then the function will return true, and if 'Cancel', it will return false.

In the following example, the function confirm will display a dialog box with a question. If you press 'OK', then true will be written to the variable ok, and if you press 'Cancel', then false:

let ok = confirm('The question text'); console.log(ok);

We use the construct if to process the user's response:

let ok = confirm('The question text'); if (ok) { console.log('You answered yes'); } else { console.log('You answered no'); }

Ask the user if they are already 18 years old. If there is, display an alert with the text for adults, and if not, display a message that the user access is denied.