Strings in JavaScript

As we mentioned previously, data can be of various types. One of the types is numbers, we have already studied it a little. Let's now move on to strings.

Strings are created using quotes:

let str = 'abc'; alert(str); // shows 'abc'

Quotes can be either single or double:

let str = "abc"; alert(str); // shows 'abc'

There is no difference between single and double quotes in JavaScript. Their use depends on your preferences. I prefer to use single quotes, so they will be used throughout the rest of the tutorial.

Hereinafter, if the output result is a string, then I quote it to show that it is a string, such a way: shows 'abc'. No quotes will appear when you output a string with alert (that is, what I have written inside the quotes will be displayed on the screen).

Create the string with your first name and one with your last name. Display this information on the screen.