Short number convertion in JavaScript

Often, the sign + is placed before the string instead of Number to shorten the code. Thus, an operation is performed on the string that is valid only for numbers, and the string is converted to a number.

See an example:

let a = +'2'; // the number 2 will be written to the variable let b = +'3'; // the number 3 will be written to the variable alert(a + b); // shows 5

Here is another example:

let a = '2'; let b = +a; // the number 2 will be written to b

And here is the following example, although working, but it does not look very nice. It would be more appropriate to use the function Number:

let a = '2'; let b = '3'; alert(+a + +b); // shows 5

Given a code:

let a = '2'; let b = '3'; alert(a + b); // shows '23'

Using the described above technique with a plus, correct the above code such a way that the variables a and b are assigned a number, not a string, and the result, respectively, would be not '23', but 5.