Removing elements in JavaScript

Let's now learn how to remove elements. To do this, use the remove method. Let's look at an example of how this is done. Let's have paragraphs:

<p>elem 1</p> <p>elem 2</p> <p>elem 3</p> <p>elem 4</p> <p>elem 5</p>

Let's make it so that any paragraph is removed by clicking on it:

let elems = document.querySelectorAll('p'); for (let elem of elems) { elem.addEventListener('click', function() { elem.remove(); }); }

Given the following code:

<ul> <li>1</li> <li>2</li> <li>3</li> </ul>

Make it so that any li is removed by clicking on it.

Given the following code:

<ul id="parent"> <li>1</li> <li>2</li> <li>3</li> </ul> <input type="submit" id="button">

Make it so that on each click on the button, the last element from #parent is removed.